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Cool Wazoo

Cool Wazoo is a revolutionary multifunctional product that incorporates a high-tech material on the inside that works as a surface that repels heat, a large diaper changing pad, restaurant high chair cover, car seat cover, grocery cart cover and bucket swing seat insert. It's a 5-n-1!

Superior Features

Cool Wazoo isn't one of those baby products you reach for once in a while. With its easy-to-use design and unique ability to adapt to five different functions, you'll never leave home without it. Among the long list of advantages youll only find with Cool Wazoo:

  • Large size that accommodates all babies and toddlers, yet folds up compactly for easy transport in your diaper bag or purse
  • Flat, one-piece design quickly and safely transforms into a swing insert, diaper changing station, car seat protector and restaurant high chair/shopping cart cover
  • High-tech interior material reflects heat back to its source to reduce surface temperature of swings and car seats 
  • Large round shape of the changing surface helps to keep baby from rolling off
  • Offers a clean spot for parents to kneel when changing baby on the ground
  • Velcro straps prevent babies feet from getting tangled when removing them from high chairs, swings or shopping carts
  • Extra long life thanks to high-quality materials that resist breaking down even with heavy use
  • Easy to wipe down with a damp clothor simply toss it into the washing machine
  • Forms a pocket for storing wipes and/or diapers
  • Water resistant
  • Retains its shape even with multiple washings


Click here for instruction on how to use in a High Chair, Swing, Shopping Cart and how to fold!

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Product Quality 

Quality has been built into every element of the Cool Wazoo design. Safety, of course, was the most important consideration, but we also wanted to incorporate materials that would last far longer than you'll need them to! Take a look at some of the ways we designed Cool Wazoo to be the best:

  • CPSIA certified: does not contain lead or phthalates and is PVC free
  • Mildew proof and water resistant
  • Highly abrasion resistant40 times greater than vinyl
  • Polyurethane laminate (PUL) in Cool Wazoo is manufactured using proven continuous bond technology, which offers a softer feel and longer life. We guarantee that our PUL will not delaminate.
  • Needle-punched insulated lining is breathable and doesnt break down with washing

Safety Commitment

When it comes to the products you buy, we understand that safety is your number one concern. Cool Wazoo is committed to the health and safety of all children, which is why it's manufactured to meet or exceed all applicable U.S. government and state safety regulations. It's Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)-certified, which means it contains no lead, formaldehyde, pthalates, di-isocyanate, or hydrogen cyanide. In addition, it's PVC free.

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