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Marketing Materials - Bellaband Acrylic Display

These new POS sets are specifically designed to create a greater presence in your store.

Here's what's great about it:

  • Presents a larger, prominent poster announcing the Bellaband. 
  • Showcases our four models demonstrating Bellaband uses throughout pregnancy; the familiarity connects with our current advertisements. 
  • Holds more Bellabands on the store floor at one time which is less for you and your team to manage overall. 
  • Provides a compartment system so Bellabands are organized and easy to sift through for style, color and size. Customers can easily help themselves.

One POS unit consists of an acrylic tray divided into three equal compartments, each capable of holding 8 Bellabands for a total of 24 Bellabands on your store floor at one time. The poster stand slides into the back of the tray and stands tall allowing more space to announce the Bellaband, showcase our models and efficiently display the Bellaband packages.

The other POS unit divides into 2 equal compartments each capable of holding 9 Bellabands for a total of 18 Bellabands.

Please note that while the POS is free of charge, retailers are responsible for paying the shipping charges.
Also available with a French poster.

Retailers, please login or register to view pricing and place an order. Consumers, click below.

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The Gro-suit has been specially designed to be used with a Grobag Baby Sleep Bag in colder temperatures.

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